Jun 24, 2008

Zaw vs. Pizza Fusion

Not sure if this is old news, new news or no news, but looks like a place called Zaw is coming to the storefront at 15th & Pine. Zaw makes fresh/organic/healthy/non-NYC pizza. Which is strange because Matt recently announced Pizza Fusion, purveyor of fresh/organic/healthy/non-NYC pizza, will soon arrive just down the street at 12th & Pike.

Me? I'm sticking with Piecora's -- as close to late-night, served-through-a-window, East Village NYC style as you'll find around here.


Anonymous said...

Yes!!!! 'ZAW rules! ( www.zaw.com) I have read their concept and
It's a much different concept than the Pizza fusion (chain).
Seattle's new Pizza sounds way cool.
I can already tell I will be a regular!


Uncle Vinny said...

I went to Pizza Fusion a few weeks ago, after they'd just barely opened. It was OK, but not incredible. I really like Juliano's and Piecora's; I haven't had any Zaw yet.