Feb 21, 2008

Learning what we don't know

q We had the first meeting of the steering committee for the revived Capitol Hill Community Council [outdated page].

The 10 folks gathered actually got more done than I expected. You may want to chalk that up to low expectations...

In my mind we discussed two phases of work: developing/updating the framework for the Council (i.e. charter, positions, relationship to city and peer organizations), and creating a good system that will allow the Council to build on that framework (i.e. meetings, online/offline communications, funding).

At this stage I believe we don't really know what we don't know. And that's fair -- we are a new organization and I'd bet most of us have not been involved on Day-1 in a committee with a mandate to steer a larger organization. I know I haven't!

Each step of the way I believe we will uncover the right questions to ask. Tonight they swirled around the status of the existing charter and Council positions. Next meeting, armed with the charter and more information about the existing structure, I believe we will uncover more of the right questions to ask. So on and so forth until we can't help but have some answers!

Feb 11, 2008

No love

A quick conclusion to my recent post about the "If you love it, why not live it" real estate banner at 15th & Denny.

Someone does not love it at all:


[I captured this Saturday morning and the banner has since been removed completely. Yikes.]

Feb 5, 2008

Loving it

bannerThe meaning behind the new real estate marketing banner at 15th & Denny is lost on me. I must be too new to the Hill to get it.

The Christian Science church-condo conversation is next door. Are they marketing for a higher power?

Is 'it' the strip on 15th Ave? I love Safeway and all -- but probably not enough to live it.

EK Real Estate, what is the message?